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Artist's Statement
I'm so excited to finally be able to do what has always been in my blood ... to create art.  Even as a child, I loved to draw, paint, and assemble.  I'd work on any surface and use any materials I could find.

As an art student, I learned to work with and control my mediums to recreate and, occasionally, improve the images of the things that surrounded me.  Eventually I began to relax and allow things to happen and worked with those unplanned effects.

Now, as a full time artist, I’ve discovered my passion is to work freely, without any plan for what the finished piece will be. In my latest series of acrylic paintings, I flow, scrape, and fling paint and use various materials to create beautiful, lively bursts of color with unique textures and patterns. I work intuitively, acting and reacting, constantly responding to what I’ve just done. I add, enhance, subdue or correct until the work is complete. In this way, I find my moods and interests as well as my love of color are naturally reflected in my work. Each piece is truly unique and viewers will find they can arrive at their own interpretation of the images.
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Displays & Shows

Helen's work can be seen at Art Gallery of Viera, located at The Avenue, Viera.  Helen has also been accepted by the Abstract Artist Gallery.  Check
Journeys To Abstraction
Helen is one of the artists in this new book by Sue St. John, published in May 2012. Click the book for details on how to purchase on Amazon.